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Kombucha Maker Kit

Kombucha Maker Kit

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Making Kombucha is quite easy for you to do at home when you have all you need at your disposal.

Are you buying Kombucha every day then? If yes, it stands to reason that you should be making it at home so it is always there when you want it.

You can make your favourite flavouring, make it the way you like it.

This Kombucha Maker Kit has all you need to get started.

* 2-litre Jar. *  Scoby and Culture. * Organic loose leaf Green Tea.

* Reusable Infusion bag ( for tea or flavourings) * Straining cloth.

* Instructions. * Bottle labels.

We have added labels to record your start dates and the flavourings, this is important so you know when to harvest your kombucha, and which bottle is the oldest.

We also have given you an instruction manual with tips and ideas to get you started, and recipes for Mocktails

The only thing we didn't add is sugar but everyone has some of this in their pantry.

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