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DUKKAH Jar of Goodness

DUKKAH Jar of Goodness

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Dukkah originates from Egypt and the word means "to pound" it is often a mix of spice and nuts/seeds.

This Jar of Goodness condiment is a Dukkah made from Sprouted Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds dried vegetables and spices.

It's Nut free and sprouted, so all the nasties in seeds like enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, that stops the proper digestion are all gone, and all the precious nutrients and flavours are locked in just to tingle your taste buds.

Ideal for a bread dip with olive oil or you can used as a coating on fish or lamb. A dash added to a salad will bring it to life with a bang.

In fact there are so many times you will use this in your cooking, it is an absolute must have. It will spice up any dish and give it a nice zing.

Great to sprinkle on top of a nut butter on toast, yum, you will be suprised how often you use this amazing little "Jar of Goodness"

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