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Elderflower Tea for Sneezes

Elderflower Tea for Sneezes

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Rawlife Elderflower tea for sneezes is a blend of Elderflower and Lemon Balm herb with sprouted onion seeds and bee pollen.

Elderflower herb is well known for its use to reduce symptoms of hay fever and allergies, the Lemon balm herb is antiviral and calming, the onion sprout has a like cures like connection (Homeopathic) and the bee pollen is used in small quanities to desensitize the user to the pollens.

We recommend that at the onset of symptoms the person has 3-4 cups of this tea throughout the first day and 2-3 cups on the second day and then down to 1-2 on the third day. Then to have at lease one cup a day throughout the season to maintain their symptom control.

Most people find that they do not have to use anti-histamine while drinking the Elderflower tea.

Each packet of tea has a 100% Cotton reusable tea bag inside so you can make your tea at the office or home without a teapot.

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