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Raw Cracker Bread

Raw Cracker Bread

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Looking for gluten free nutrient dense cracker options, then look no further, these  Raw Cracker Breads are a flat cracker style bread high in fibre and protein made from vegetables and flaxmeal. Only what you need and nothing of what you don't.

They will fill you up, feed your body the nutrients you need for energy and vitality, making them the best choice for you. Just add your favourite toppping and enjoy.

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Vegan-Gluten Free-Paleo-Organic-Raw, ideal for those wanting a healthy snack. This flavoursome cracker bread is remarkably filling, is oriented to protein rather than carbohydrate, Win Win.

The benefits of eating a raw food over a cooked cracker is tenfold on nutrition, (high heat with cooking kills the nutirent value) it digests much easier, making sustainable energy readily available with in no time. It will "not" leave you feeling hungry and craving for more food.

Not Added Sugar

No Added Salt

No Preservatives

No Chemicals

Our raw cracker bread is dehydrated at 40 degrees for 18 hours to preserve the integrity of the vegetables and seeds to bring only but the best nature can provide.

We use fresh certified organic ingredients many of which we grow on our property, so we know exactly what is in our food. We never compromise on ingredient or processes that will jeopardise the precious nutrients in our food

Ingredients include Flaxseed, Carrots, Celery, Courgette, Spring Onions, Leeks, Raisins, Citrus, Spices & Black and White Sesame Seeds.

Each packet contains 12 crackers, in 2 bags of 6 crackers making it easy and convenient.

Other products in our range that people often buy with this one are, Raw Flat Bread, it is very similar but has a different flavour and is larger slices, ideal for sandwiches, as well as Raw Vegetable Wraps come in two flavours Spinach and Courgette.

Make the change to healthier options and enjoy the health benefits today.

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