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GINKGO Tea for thought Jar

GINKGO Tea for thought Jar

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Radish Sprouts have been blended with Ginkgo biloba and Californian Poppy herbs to make the Tea for thought. The radish sprouts have antioxidants Vitamin C and A that research tells us can fight the free radical damage done to our cells by the aging process. Ginkgo biloba herb will enhance brain activity and produce clarity of mind, Californian Poppy is known for its ability to normalize psychological function. That means it is a feel-good tea.

This tea for thought is a gentle natural way for the brain to find focus and clarity of thought, nurturance pleasant happy thoughts in the everyday lifestyle of the modern world.

Each packet of tea has a 100% Cotton reusable tea bag inside so you can make your tea at the office or home without a teapot.

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