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BROCCOLI Tea for Life

BROCCOLI Tea for Life

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These  Broccoli Sprouts have been blended with Beetroot and Kawakawa a native herb of New Zealand to make the Tea for Life. The broccoli sprouts have nutrients that help the body internally cleanse. The beetroot also cleanses, is nutrient-dense, kawakawa is a nutritive herb that also has cleansing properties.

This tea for life is a gentle natural way for the body to release unwanted substances that find their way into us from the everyday lifestyle of the modern world.

We don't add anything except real organic food and the value of this product is second to none.

Each packet of tea has a 100% Cotton reusable tea bag inside so you can make your tea at the office or home without a teapot.

You are buying this product directly from the manufacturer at the best price. It is now available in the selected stores outside of Hawkes Bay and here online.

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Thanks so much - so pleased you have online shopping, I tried and purchased your tea on a visit to Hawkes Bay and can't get enough of it!


Hi Raelle

I have been drinking the Broccoli Tea every morning for a year now. It has a great taste and a fantastic product. Always arrives well packaged and I am so happy that I can get this awesome tea delivered to my door. Thank you RawLife.


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