Raw Goodies Hamper

Raw Goodies Hamper

Rawlife Raw Goodies Hamper is packed full of nutrient-dense Raw Gluten-free-Sprouted-Paleo-Vegan goodies to enhance and enrich your life, health and wellbeing.

These foods are lovingly made with natures integrety in mind. Activated to release all the nasites, like phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors, then sprouted to increase the goodies like vitamins/minerals, macro-nutirents & proteins to bring the food to life. They are then slowly dried at low temperatures to lock in the goodness. All these foods are living foods and when consummed give their life-force to us in the form of energy.



You get in your Hamper


RAW-LIFE Vegetable Wrap Contains 3 vegetable wraps 


Just fill with your favourite foods and enjoy this delicous bread     alternative


RAW-LIFE Raw Energy Muesli Blackcurrant and Fig  (Sprouted)


Add just 2 tablespoons or this delicous Muesli to the fruits you love and top with some yoghurt. This will be enough to give you boundless energy to start your day.


Wright Sprouts Raw Energy Scroggin  (Sprouted)


Something for you to snack on guilt free during the day. This combination of Organic activated nuts sprouted seeds and superfood cacao nibs and goji berries, to lift the 3.00 pm blues maybe.



Wright Sprouts Raw Energy Schmogle (Sprouted)


Our raw schmogle is packed full of goodies like activated and sprouted seeds with sundried tomatoes & seaweed giving it a savoury flavour. Great to boost up a salad or just snack guilt free.





The many uses of this product make it a must have, nut-free spicy mix will wow a salad, great added to crumming, just sprinkle on some fish, or in cauliflower rice, it will take any meal to the next level.


RAW-LIFE Raw Flat Bread


Make a sandwich with all your favourite fillings and enjoy.  You  will be amazed at how satifying this sandwich will be. You get 6 slices in a packet.


These delicious foods will digest easily, increasing your energy levels.