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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Feijoa Date & Cacao Muesli Smoothie Bowl

It is so easy to whip up a delightful breakfast or desert smoothie that will blow your socks off. Rawlife has just Launched it third flavour Raw Energy Muesli Date and Cacao, this is so yummy and it can be used in may ways. Here is just one. Feijoa Date & Cacao Muesli Smoothie Bowl. Ingredients: 3-4 feijoa's  1 banana 2 Tbsps coconut water or just water 2 Tbsps coconut Yoghurt 2 Tbsps Rawlife Raw Energy Date & Cacao Muesli Method: Put the peeled and chopped fruits and coconut water plus 1 Tbsp of yoghurt into a blender and blend...

How 2 Bust that Bloat

Are you sick of feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating? Embarrassed about your bloated fat belly? Having days when your favourite clothes just don't fit? Frustrated with reactive foods making your Life a misery? Waking up feeling tireder than before you went to bed? Do you have no energy, get up and go or motivation? Do you have an irritable bowel? Then stop eating the foods that cause it! Wheat based foods are the most common cause of bloating and most of the people that have this problem are in denial. You just don't want to admit that you believe that...

Can You Beat the Flu

Everyone has the flu this year and it is particularly nasty one this season, but you can beat it you are smart about it. No I don't mean the Flu vaccine! If everyone that has it stayed home and got over it then we would get it yeah right. I unfortunately got caught this year as I was a bit run down and bang it got me. I battled through with Jungle Juice and Kyolic Garlic Capsules. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and if you take enough of it you can kick the bot right into outer space. I take 1 garlic...

Ugly Sabun Soap is the absolute best ever

One of the things I love. Soap is soap ah! well not really all soaps are not created equal. Some are just bad and some are good and some are exceptional. Since our skin is our body's largest organ, it is our barrier but at the same time is permeable and vulnerable to be breached. We need to be mindful of what we use to cleanse and protect this very important barrier that keeps us intact. Bad soaps are chemical minefields and will strip the skin of its natural oils and dry it causing flaky crusty scaly ugly skin that is...

Creating a new habit in our lives

How hard is it to create discipline in our lives, get our act together so to speak, discipline is essential for most aspects of live in general. Having a good understanding of the ability to create a new discipline can be helpful in everyday life. Absolutely. It can't be that hard surely, but many of us fail to establish this every time we try, everyday millions of people start a new regime only to fail to get an established pattern let alone a complete discipline, habit, regime, routine etc. Did you know we start to learn disciplines when we are...