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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Natures Probiotics

Fermented foods are "Natures Probiotic," just like Sprouts are "Natures Multi Vitamin."Wow how about that. Did you know you  have an Internal Organic Garden (IOG) the one that is living in your intestine and the rest of your body evidently, is responsible for creating neurotransmitters for your brain,  hormones that make the many reactions that happen automatically inside you every day. It  also creates inflammation, it's now understood to have an impact on the many symptoms of disease. This IOG can be manipulated and adjusted by foods you consume alongside laboratory made probiotics. Many things can upset our IOG, and through...

Saving the Elderflower Tree

When I was Studying at Lotus College of Naturopathy in 2003- 6 we had an Elderflower tree in the garden at the college. I watched this tree through its seasons, it was beautiful when it flowered, during this time I found out how effective this herb was in relieving hay fever and allergy symptoms, of which I suffered. I picked the flowers in the season and dried them to make an infusion to either drink or as a wash on my swollen eyes. Also good on hives. In my last year at the college they decided to build another classroom and unfortunately...

Rare exotic fruit Loquat

Loquat a rare exotic fruit, Loquat is a south eastern Chinese indigenous fruit, when introduced to Japan it became very popular, the Japanese have now been cultivating this tree for over 1000 years. It is also very sought after in India. Now days it is cultivated mainly in Japan, Israel and Brazil.  You may have seen this fruit growing in the odd garden here in NZ and not known what it is. A friend of ours has a tree and has generously share some fruit with us.  This little orange gem is full of flavor and nutrients it contains; Proteins,...

Living Foods will raise your Vibrational Frequency.

Living Foods will raise your vibrations to a new level of living. Do you feel slow and sluggish, lacking in energy or just don't have the get up and go! Maybe it's lack of sleep the most common cause of fatigue or it may be the food you eat. When your food comes in natures jacket then it has its own vital force or lifeforce. If just picked within the last 24 hours it's full of boundless lifeforce that the plant had. As time passes then it will degrade slowly, best eaten as soon as possible to picking or purchase. Most...

Vibrational Frequencies of our foods.

It is now understood that all living things have a vibrational frenquency, this is true for foods as well. Unfortunately not all foods have a vibrational frequency only living ones. The apple tree which is alive and producing apples has a vibrational frequency that is transferred into the fruit as it swells and blooms on the branch. It is time for it to fall and carry the seed of potential to the ground with the hope of producing another tree. This apple has the lifeforce of the tree known as it's vibrational frequency. As it is picked up by a small child, bitten...