Which is Better Chocloate or Cacao ?

Which is Better Chocloate or Cacao ?

Which is Better Chocolate or Cacao?

 First let’s get clear on the differences.

Chocolate is produced from the cacao bean which is first sun dried then roasted to make the chocolate.

Cacao is produced from the cacao been that is first fermented and then dried in the shell, the outer shell is then removed to find Cacao Nibs, this is then ground to make the powder. Cacao is raw it is still in natures jacket and not heated, so all the nutrients are still intact.

Both cacao and chocolate are an acidic bean. But the interesting part is when they harvest the cacao beans that make chocolate they can either sun-dry or ferment. Raw Cacao is fermented. Chocolate or cocoa is sun-dried and then roasted. These processes vary dramatically, and the results on the pH scale is where the difference is.

The pH of the beans at harvest are around 5.7 pH and over the first 48 hours of sun drying decrease to 3.8 pH and then by the end of a 72 hours its back up to 4.5 pH.

What this means in layman terms is that during the drying process the beans become more acidic.

Now let’s look at the fermentation process, at harvest the beans are around 5.7 pH and over the first 48 hours of fermenting decrease to 3.8 pH and then by the end of 72 hours its back up to 6.0 pH.

What this means is that fermentation process will produce a less acidic bean than a sun dried process.

So what does all this mean when it comes to which is better?

We need to look at what is meant by acidic and how this affects our body.

All foods are not created equal as how they react inside our body, some are acidic and some are alkaline.

The pH of the body fluids is an very important aspect of Health, if we are too acidic we can develop disease and unwellness on all levels. If the body fluids are alkaline then we are in perfect health. 

Certain foods produce the acidic state and others produce the alkaline state, by eating a balanced proportion of these will give us a prodominately alkaline internal environment which is optimum for good health and disease free.

The raw cacao is less acidic than the chocolate so cacao wins on this level.

Cacao is still in natures jacket, where chocolate is heavily processed and many of the anti-oxidants that make it good for us just are no longer present due to the processing. Cacao wins here as well.

Cacao powder and nibs do not have added sugars!

Cacoa powder is reported to have a number of health benefits that largely disappear when heated at a high temperature, but stick around if it’s not cooked. Magnesium, some iron, a bit of protein and dietary fibre.

Magnesium is known to help with the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and any cramping or muscular pain, and the idea here is that reaching for some magnesium-rich raw chocolate instead of regular old dark chocolate might help to alleviate some of those symptoms.

It is becoming more and more obvious that cacao is the best option for us health wise.

Choosing cacao over chocolate or cocoa powder to me is a no brainer, and that is why Rawlisticlife uses Raw Cacao in our Date and Cacao Muesli.





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