Turmeric the Wonder Spice

by Raelle Connolly

Turmeric the wonder spice, the secret is out turmeric lowers inflammation which is the root of all disease.
Inflammation is the hidden indicator of unwellness in the body and has been found to be a precurser for many common diseases. 
What is inflammation? This is the immune system response to injury of any kind physical or emotional. It will trigger your immune system to send an inflammatory response by sending out white blood cells to take care of the damage.
In the case of physical injury for instance, the area will swell, be hot to the touch, appear redness, and feel tender which all indicates that the immune system is working so the healing process can begin. This series of events signifies a healthy immune system response.
However, chronic inflammation occurs when swelling persists and doesn’t respond to the healing process. It often rears its ugly head in the gut, resulting in painful bloating,  diarrhea and constipation, or alternating of these with gas, and a distended tummy. Not very nice.
Also can happen with situations of continued stress where to adrenals are constantly sending out cortisol.
This can happen in any part of the body and cause chronic inflammation leading to disease. Common causes of inflamation are injury of cause, stress, food allergies, chemical reactions digestive issues and of cause poor diet & excess alcohol or recreational drugs.
Without over complicating this, inflammation is the demon and needs to be managed to prevent dis-ease.
One way is to take anti-inflammatory drugs which can have their own complications but another option is Turmeric.
Turmeric is availabe in capsules and powder formulas that you drink, but they are quite expensive.
For Turmeric to do its job properly it needs to be accompanied with a fat and some pepper. Turmeric is fat soluable so it is absorbed better with fats and it is activate when accompanied with pepper.  Taking turmeric to lower inflammation the above is important,but not all supplements are created equal so you had better check the ingredients list.
BUT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN at home it is easy all you need is some #Organic #Turmeric, good honey, some coconut oil, black pepper and some milk. #Vegan Option Nut milk or coconut milk.
Taking Turmeric in a food form is far superior to the capsule  for the simple reason food digest quickly, no capsule to break down, and who knows what they could be made of! they certainly aren't #vegan.
Turmeric Latte Recipe
1 level tsp cocnut oil
1 level tsp organic turmeric
1/2 tsp good honey
pinch of black pepper
1/4 cup Milk
Hot water
Method: In a small shallow pan melt the coconut oil and honey gently then add the turmeric and pepper and stir over heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute, add the milk and still continuously to blend and warm the milk. When the milk starts to froth pour into cup and top with hot water.
Enjoy this Latte for breakfast and reduce the pain of your tired joints  or heal your gut for the whole day.
NB: this can be also taken as a shot.