Synthetic Milk! What are we thinking?

by Raelle Connolly

Synthetic milk! What are we thinking?
They mess with our food already, by added synthetic vitamins and so called nutrients which don't resonate with us naturally, but now they are going to completely re-invent nature by making synthetic milk!!!!!
If you are like me and don't want to eat "Plastic Foods" then you will need to make all your food from scratch from now on to be able to know you are in control of what you are feeding your cells with.
Eating foods that are as close to nature as possible is going to give you the best nature has to ofter so the less you mess with it the better.
Except when you sprout your seeds, sprouting will enhance what nature has to offer. The process of sprouting will increase what nature has implanted inside the seed, which is just sitting latently waiting to come to life. The proteins, vitamins and minerals are going to explode to life and double or triple in volume. 
Making little dynamos of energy, that will just zap up the nutritional value of any real food dish.
It is all about how much time you are prepared to put into feeding your self keeping in mind the fact that you are what you eat.