Food Sensitivities SUCK BIG TIME

by Raelle Connolly

Hey it Sucks big time when you are told that you have a sensitivity or intollerance to certain foods

You can bet your bottom Dollar that it is some thing you just love. AHHHHH!!!!

I know how this feels personally, I have had been an intolerant to Gluten for 15 years but infact I now believe it has been most of my life. I also knew I was senstive to potatoes, as they made me bloat and get constipated, so I avoided them and only eat on odd occasions, but avoided Gluten with a passion.

Recently I was told it was way more than that!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!

Apparently All the nightshade family which is potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum, chillies, eggplant are all out!

The mint family as well.

Also coconut, sunflower seeds, citrus, cashews, fennel, apples and pomegranite, soy and dairy.

Hey this really SUCKS as all of the above with the exception of soy & potatoes are on my list of regular foods I eat.

Now what do I eat, I'm prodominatly a raw food pescatarian?

I have 50millon Capsicums growing in my garden along with 3 citrus trees of which I can't eat,  the neighbours are doing well LOL

Well the cause of all this is a short course of Anti-biotics I took in February, I'm now left with food sensitivites, and man if I eat just a small bit of any of these foods "life SUCK FOR A WEEK" of migraines, fatigue and brain fog.

The Anti-biotics killed my Microbiome or at lease a good percentage of it, this produce "Leaky Gut"  All the foods that I was eating at that time slipped through the gate, the immune guards on the other side of the gate waged war on the foods and Whalla!!!!!

Its all over bar the shouting "Food Sensitivities"

This is how easy it can happen. But if the bacteria in my gut is where it started then that is where I will start the Healing.

 All that Said: I'm now on a journey to recovery and have a whole new attitude to food. 

I only eat foods that will heal and feed my "Microbiome" my IOG (Internal Orgaic Garden)

I will tell you about this in my next Blog.

Raelle Connolly ND Hom.