Natures Probiotics

by Raelle Connolly

Fermented foods are "Natures Probiotic," just like Sprouts are "Natures Multi Vitamin."Wow how about that.
Did you know you  have an Internal Organic Garden (IOG) the one that is living in your intestine and the rest of your body evidently, is responsible for creating neurotransmitters for your brain,  hormones that make the many reactions that happen automatically inside you every day. It  also creates inflammation, it's now understood to have an impact on the many symptoms of disease.
This IOG can be manipulated and adjusted by foods you consume alongside laboratory made probiotics.
Many things can upset our IOG, and through it out of whack,  like highly proceeded foods and beverages, junk foods, sugar, alcohol, also stress, exercise, trauma, oral contraceptives, statins, beta-blockers and of course ANTIBIOTICS may all play a part in it.
You may not even know your IOG is out of whack, but you may be unable to loose weight or are suffering from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, bloating, flatulance, constipation, brain fog and lots more seemingly unrelated symptoms or issue. OMG I think my IOG is out of Whack!!!!
We have billions of microbes in our bodies they are everywhere on our skin in our mouths nasal passages and eyes as well as our gastrointestinal tract.

Scientists have now discovered that they are living throughout the entire body and have found oral gum bacteria in the plaque deposits in the heart. Very Interesting!!!
Understanding the significance of the microbiome ( Intestinal microbe profile) is now a breakthrough in understanding on an individual level what makes us well and what makes us unwell.
They know believe that the microbiome is involved in all disease not just autoimmune disease but all disease. WOW this is pretty heavy stuff!!!!!
Us Naturopaths have always seen that everyone is an individual and we treat each case in that way, but now the Mainstream Medical Industry are saying that each individual is unique, that one  pill doesn't fit all. WOW the Dr's are waking up at last!!!!
Fermented foods like sauerkraut, fermented beetroot, kim-chi, miso, tamari and kombucha and even organic yoghurt will recolonise the gut with new microbes that help to keep you well and feeling on top of the world. 
Fermented foods are pre-digested foods that contain probiotics, when buying any fermented foods make sure they are not pasteurised as this process will kill the microbes and is not going to work.
This is exciting times, back to the fermented foods if you can eat a portion of a fermented food every day you can do so knowing you are helping to colonise your microbiome with a variety of good guys. This is vital to your health and well being. Be sure to eat as many different types of fermented foods as possible, you need diversity of different flora to create balance of good guys with the "bad ones" They are also discovering that the "bad ones" may have beneficial aspects when they are balanced.
Wow Science is now telling us what we eat is IMPORTANT!!!!
Well done Science I'm not being cynical, I am thrilled that this is now backed up with Science Yeah!!!!
Here is a easy recipe to get you going.
Quick Recipe for Fermented Beetroot
1  medium to large organic Beetroot
Small clean jam jar with lid
Give the beetroot a quick scrub in warm water, remove the top and tail. Keep the top for later, using a spiraliser shred the beetroot finely or grate into a bowl.
Sprinkle a small amount of salt onto the beetroot and mix through, allow to stand for 10 minutes then massage the beetroot to allow the water to be released.
Now pack the beetroot into the jar pushing it right down to pack it in tight to get it all in, keep pushing it down allowing the water to rise. It needs to be submerged, if the jar is too big change it for a smaller one.
Now put the top section you cut off earlier on the top of the beetroot to force it into the liquid then put the lid on.
Leave on the bench on a cloth towel to ferment for 5 days, release the lid everyday to allow the gases to escape.
It may leak so the cloth is to protect your bench, you may need more protection as beetroot will stain.
Alfer five days transfer to the fridge and start eating.
Raelle Connolly ND Hom.