Natures Antibiotic "GARLIC"

by Raelle Connolly

It is now well known that the abuse of antibiotics in our world is now impacting our ability to fight off infection and in some cases, this can be life-threatening. 

What will we do if we can't use antibiotics to fight infection in the body? what did the ancients use? what will future generations use?

Nature co-exist with us and if we look at nature and how it continues to survive we can learn about ourselves. First Nature has to deal with all the chemicals and toxic substances we have produced in the past 100 years, it has had to adapt.

We now need to co-exist with nature and learn from her as our ancestors did.

Understanding that bacteria and microorganisms have lived symbiotically with us from the beginning of time, science has now proved this. We are all part of the whole, this planet isn't just our home it is part of us and we all need each other to survive. By "each other", I mean the planet, soil, ocean the flora and fauna the air we breathe the water we drink as well as the sun, moon, stars, everything is all part of the whole.

Nature provides all we need to survive, we just have to connect with it and it will tell us what we need.

My absolute favorite herb is Garlic it has amazing properties. (Below is an extract from my book "Secret Superfoods" )

Garlic (Allium sativum) is mentioned in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Chinese writings and is believed to have originated in Central Asia. In ancient times the use of garlic spread to the Mediterranean region and beyond.

In Egypt, it was in use by 3000 BC. At about the same time it was also known in the Indus Valley (today’s Pakistan and Western India), from these regions it spread to China where the Spanish, Portuguese and French introduced it to the “New World”. Today, garlic is grown in temperate and tropical regions all over the world, and many different types are cultivated to suit different climates.

The ancient Indians valued the medicinal properties of garlic as they thought it to be an aphrodisiac, although the upper classes avoided it due to its strong odor.

Garlic has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine, where it was thought that hanging garlic bulbs on doors would check the spread of diseases such as smallpox. It was believed to cure several illnesses and promote long life. Although highly regarded as a medicine, garlic was avoided in cookery, this attitude changed over the centuries and by the time of Muslim rule, garlic, gingerand onion were an indispensable trio of flavors in South Asian cuisines.

Garlic contains the volatile oils, alliin, alliinase, and allicin. It is believed that when a fresh clove is crushed alliin is released it is then broken down by alliinase and becomes allicin, which has antibiotic qualities.

Garlic also has sulphur-containing compounds – some sources state that there are more than 80 of these compounds and one particular type is thiosulphinates, of which allicin is probably the most well-known and best studied. The sulphur compounds in garlic prevent heart disease and cancer.

The chemical composition of garlic includes enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids, and certain minerals. Overall, it is a good source of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. Read more

Garlic eaten raw daily will provide you with healthy blood circulation and will support your immune system, taken in acute viral exposure will knock the virus to outer space. 

Taking garlic daily for immune support or viral exposure is quite simple just peel the clove, using a sharp knife just score the skin to enable the release of the allicin then swallow whole. If it is a big clove cut into a swallowable size.

You will not get garlic breath, but you will feel the viral infection symptoms improve within 20-30 minutes when the symptomology returns it is time to take another garlic clove. You will reduce the recovery time of viral infection by up to 75%

Eating cooked garlic in your food is great and does wonders for flavor but the medicinal properties are lost during the cooking process.

I personally have used garlic in this way for the past 15 years with great success, recently for a Kidney infection.

I don't recommend this without Naturopathic support as Kidney infections are very serious, but I have had very bad reactions to antibiotics in the past. 

I took 5 cloves of garlic as stated above with a herbal combination of Kidney and Adaptogen herbs every day for 2 weeks and the infection was gone.

What I can recommend for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and not as serious, 4-5 cloves a day, 1/2 tsp Baking soda in water, Cranberry juice and lots of water about 8 glasses a day to flush the dead bacteria out.

For viral influenza or common colds 2-3 cloves of garlic, a day for 2-3 days with "Jungle Juice" and Elderflower Tea for Sneezes will also help.

Jungle Juice Recipe

1 clove garlic crushed

10mm piece of fresh ginger grated

juice of a Lemon

1 tsp Manuka Honey

Method: Put all of the above into a glass and pour the water that has been left for 3 minutes after boiling, stir well and drink by sipping.

I do hope this has been helpful, I would love to hear your thoughts on it so feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading 

Raelle Connolly ND. Hom.