The Microbiome What is it?

by Raelle Connolly

The microbiome is fast becoming the Buzz word, and rightly so as it is the most important aspect to good health. Whether we like the idea of living symbiotically with microbes is irrelevant as it is a fact. So we need to feed them as they are what makes us tick on a daily basis. 
I say let's learn to love and nurture them and give them what they need to keep us healthy every day.
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So what is the Microbiome? this is all the trillions of minute microbes that live in our bodies. It is thought that we are only 1% human Wow that something to get you thinking.
Scientists are now studying this area of science with a passion as it is now evident that the microbes are responsible for hormone production, neurotransmitter production, ATP in the mitochondria, they make up 80% of our immune system, without them, we die.
The microbiome is made up of a multitude of varieties of micro-bacteria, some good, some bad but all are needed.
Every living thing on this planet has a part to play including the "Bad Guys" like Hellocalbactor Pylori and Candida Albicans, Escherichia coli, they need to be there just like the Good guys.
It is all about "balance" the good guys keep the bad guys in check, but the bad guys have a job to do so we need them.
It's when the balance goes out and the bad guys overtake the good guys that we have a problem.
The foods and beverages we consume play a very large part in regard to the balance of the microbiome, this is their food, they break it down so we can get our bit. 
If we eat food that the bad guys love "Sugar/Carbs" then we get more bad guys and the good guys decrease "Walla Imbalance"
The next step is dis-ease, now it is understood that all disease starts with an imbalance in the microbiome.
Antibiotics affect the microbiome as do pharmaceutical drugs
alcohol consumption, sugary foods, stress, trauma just to name a few.
Hey but it isn't all bad news, it is quite simple to fix, within 7 days of diet changes the microbiome can improve and over several months health conditions can start to be reversed.
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My next blog is about How to feed the little guys.
I do hope this has helped you to understand this Simple/Complex lol concept.
Raelle Connolly ND. Hom.