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Make breaking your fast the best meal of the Day

Do you realise that what meal you break your fast with is very important as it's the meal you will set the mood of the entire day with?

Also, it sets the foods you will continue to crave as well!

If you start it with a Big Mac then you will crave junk for the rest of the day. Food on the run will set the mood of the day you will always be behind the "8 ball" all day.

Start it with a refreshing smoothie and you will want to continue to eat fresh and light foods for the rest of the day.

So can you see how important it is? What you eat for the first meal of the new day is of vital importance, so get it right the first time.

A balance of protein, fats and some carbs in this order and volume ratio is the best option.

 More protein some fats and a small amount of carbs/starch this is what you are looking for.

Fresh Green Smoothie is a great option that follows this rule especially if you work on the balance using the rule above.

My 21 favourite Smoothies is a collection of fresh ideas that you can whip up for any time of the day.

Healthy Dairy-Free Smoothie recipes below are great to start your day.

Green Smoothie

 1 apple or pear (Vitamins)

1 large handful of kale or spinach (Protein/Carbs/Minerals)

½ banana (Carb)

6 activated almonds (Protein & fats)

1 cup water

Blend all ingredients until smooth. 1 serving



Liver Zinger Smoothie

 1/4 beetroot (Vitamins)

1 small carrot (Vitamins)

1 large handful of kale or spinach (Protein/Carbs/Minerals)

1 small slice of ginger

6 activated almonds (Proteins & fats)

1 cup water

 Blend all ingredients until smooth. 1 serving



Berry Delicious Smoothie

1 apple or pear  (Vitamins)

1 large handful of kale or spinach (Proteins/Carbs/Minerals)

½ banana (Carbs/Minerals)

½ cup berries (Anti-oxidants)

1 cup water

 Blend all ingredients until smooth. 1 serving

If you don't fancy drinking breakfast then I have a treat for you!

Smoothie Bowl is not a drink but more a mousse or creamy texture and is just the ultimate delicious breakfast on the planet.

Any smoothie recipe can be turned into smoothie bowl you just reduce the liquid content by 80% this will change the consistency dramatically.

My absolute favourite is this one.

Can't Beet Cacao Mousse Smoothie Bowl

1/2 avocado (Protein/Fats)

1/2 banana (Carbs/Minerals)

1 handful Beet tops washed (Proteins/Minerals)

1tsp Cacoa Powder (Anti-oxidant)

1 Tsp Maple Syrup Optional 

2 Tbsp Water

2 Tbsp #Rawlife Raw Energy Date & Cacao Muesli

1 Tbsp Yoghurt of your choice.

Chopped nuts Optional

Blend all ingredients until smooth. pour into a bowl top with #Rawlife Raw energy Date & Cacao Muesli and your favourite yoghurt. 1 serving

Well, there you go there are many options here.  But remember it is important to start your day with the most nutrient-dense food to set the mood of the day. the smoothie bowls are very filling and will keep you going longer or if your job requires lots of energy it will give you the best start, it is so yummy on top.

Check out my other posts for more recipes to lighten your day.

Raelle Connolly ND Hom.


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