Living Foods will raise your Vibrational Frequency.

by Raelle Connolly

Living Foods will raise your vibrations to a new level of living.

Do you feel slow and sluggish, lacking in energy or just don't have the get up and go! Maybe it's lack of sleep the most common cause of fatigue or it may be the food you eat.

When your food comes in natures jacket then it has its own vital force or lifeforce.

If just picked within the last 24 hours it's full of boundless lifeforce that the plant had. As time passes then it will degrade slowly, best eaten as soon as possible to picking or purchase.

Most fresh foods don't need refridgerated just eaten, so leave them on your bench tol remind you they are to be eaten.

It funny how we find food in the refrigerator that is not so fresh any more? We fogot to eat it.

Sprouts and microgreens are also living foods even more so as you can eat them right from the jar or the punnet they are growing in.

They are easy to grow and full of lifeforce to feed your cells and raise your vibrational frequency.

It isn't hard to make healthy choices, just start the ball rolling and you will find it just flows.

I can't really tell you how these changes will affect you as it is hard to discribe, the only way is to try it yourself.

Thats it from me today. Happy sprouting.