Is food Healthy or is it Nutritious

by Raelle Connolly

It is not surprising that most people are confused about healthy foods. Actually food isn't healthy, food is just food, humans and animals can be healthy by eating foods that are nutritious.

Food is either nutrient rich or nutrient poor but it isn't really healthy, we have been using this word wrongly. 

This is the meaning of Health
1.  in a good physical or mental condition; in good health.
2. "I feel fit and healthy
So food isn't healthy but nutrient dense foods can create health in people, and some foods are more nutrient dense than others.
Our food companies have been altering food for a long time to increase shelf life, and to make more profit.
Take wheat flour for instance they call it refining but in actual fact they are removing the bran and the germ which contains the iron and folate and other nutrients that make wheat a good source of food, all that is left is the starch and glue.
Then they add in the stuff they took out, but not in the same proportions and it isn't the natural vitamins the took out but synthetic laboratory ones, that don't resonate with our bodies. They refer to this as enriching or fortifying, this is all done to extend the shelf life. Wheat Flour is now not the nutritious food it was when nature made it.
We are constantly being bombarded by different gurus tell us that you need to eat this food to be healthy and not to eat that food as it is not going to make you healthy.
Lets face it we are an unhealthy world right now and it is evident by the obesity, diabetes and heart attack figures. This is a direct result of our eating habits and nothing more, so if we have eaten ourselves unhealthy then it stand to reason we can eat ourselves healthy.
  1. I recommend eating wholefoods as close to nature as you can, this means that you shop in the vegetable and meat/fish sections of the supermarket and then head to the checkout.
    It means you will need to be organised but you will be eating foods that are close to nature.
    All other foods have be stripped of their nutrients and are enriched or fortified by un-natural not found in nature synthetic chemicals disguised as vitamins.
    Only buy foods that you recognise all the ingredients on the packet ingredients list. No numbers or words you don't understand, vitamins are often listed with there chemical name and this means it has been added.
    Try growing some of your own food get a vegetable patch going or grow sprouts on your window sill or micro-greens, these are just a few ideas to help you get inspired.
    In addition to this most of the Vitamins and Mineral supplements found in bottles in the stores are synthetic substitutes as well.
    So trying to find health in a bottle of capsules just isn't going to happen.