What impact does how we live have on our Endangered Planet?

by Raelle Connolly

I think we are all conscious of the impact our personal lives have on our planet in todays age with all the hype about climate change.

So what can one person do? it all sounds a bit overwhelming and too hard.

But if you think about it for a while, it doesn't sound as bad as you first thought.

If everyone on this planet decided to not use plastic shopping bags and find an alternative, just imaging the impact that alone would have.

What about if you carpooled with your workmates, or made your next car a electric one. Reused every plastic bag that comes into your possession. Only bought liquids in Glass not plastic. This list is only limited by your imagination.

So once again what can one person do? One person can do a lot with just a few small changes.

It also makes you feel good that you are making an effort and feel proud you have made a small change to help save the endangered Planet.

The changes that you make will depend on what works for you in your life.

I challenge you to think of how you can change just one thing that will help the Planet this week. Now that you have this one thing, implement it.

Write down the thing you are doing on A4 sheet of paper, put all information about this thing, how you are going to go about this, what it will require you to do i.e. research etc. and the date you will start this. Now put this on the Fridge.

It could be building a composing area on your property for instance, (NOT A PLASTIC ONE) this will take you some time and effort, it may require that you need to purchase some equipment or do some research on the internet etc.

You need to make a plan, when you plan something, you give it energy, the energy will build excitement, when you have energy and excitement you are more likely to complete the task as apposed to just thinking about.

This can make all the difference to making change happen, if you make a plan, make it doable, then you have a chance but only then is it possible.

Then tell your friends about it, see if you can encourage them to make a small change. By telling your friends about it you are committing to the change as they will ask you how you are going with it.

Good intentions are only that, intentions, but action is another thing, make sure you take action on your intentions.

This could be a family project, where everyone can get involved, we are responsible to guide our next generation, as parents we are only guides, we can't control others, leading by example is our only way.

So why not try Unlocking the Goodness in your intentions and help save our endangered planet.