How 2 Bust that Bloat

by Raelle Connolly

Are you sick of feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating?

Embarrassed about your bloated fat belly?

Having days when your favourite clothes just don't fit?

Frustrated with reactive foods making your Life a misery?

Waking up feeling tireder than before you went to bed?

Do you have no energy, get up and go or motivation?

Do you have an irritable bowel?

Then stop eating the foods that cause it!

Wheat based foods are the most common cause of bloating and most of the people that have this problem are in denial.

You just don't want to admit that you believe that WHEAT is the problem.

I get this you are scared that if you admit this is the cause then you have to give up eating that food.

OMG what will I eat? What will my friends think? I wont be able eat my favourite foods anymore! No one will invite me for dinner because it is too hard!

It is just too hard, I will just have to live with it.

NO YOU DON'T !!!!!!!

Life isn't worth living in misery and pain and frustration, it isn't that hard.

Many people have made the change to not eating reactive foods, their pain and misery just became too much so the changed and live much healthier and happy lives eating delicious nutrient and enzyme rich foods.

They now have the added bonuses of 


Weight loss

Brain clarity

Better energy

Refreshed sleep


The key to this change is not think about what you can't eat, but focus on what you can and fine new exciting flavours and textures of foods that you never new existed. have a range of shelf staple foods in the RAWLIFE brand that are not only gluten free but are enzyme rich and nutrient dense meaning they will give you boundless energy and repair your damaged cells caused by the reactive foods that caused your pain and misery.

Replacing the wheat based foods could not be easier, we have done all the hard work for you.




We have 2 Muesli's for you to choose from both are delicious and you just need 2 Tbsps with fresh fruit of your choice then enjoy boundless energy.

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We have Pizza bases a great option for lunch or dinner, you add your favourite fresh ingredients then top with the condiments provided. No cooking required, less than 10 minutes prep and you can be eating this delicious masterpiece.

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Raw Flat Breads so you can make a sandwich or use as a cracker, you get to choose. These are really yummy.


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We have sprouted Essene Breads as well they are fresh and like the wheat variety are short life but they freeze well.

All these foods are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals, are Raw-Vegan-Organic-Paleo

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We also have Wraps which come in 2 varieties Spinach and Courgette

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You can have all this delivered to your home so you will always have them in your pantry for when you get hungry.

I bet you are hungry now for all this delicious food.

We have lots more you can see them here

Now it is time to take action to Bust Your Bloat

Let us help you with this, try our products out and get all of the above benefits and say goodbye to that bloated feeling for ever.

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