Growing Micro-greens at home.

Growing Micro-greens at home.

Struggling with the HIGH PRICES of veggies? to feed your family. The time may well be here, when we all have to make an effort to feed ourselves from our own gardens.

But what if you don't have any garden, well there are many ways to grow food?

One of them is microgreens. You don't need much space, a patio or any outdoor area that can hold a couple of punnets.

Micro-Greens are a great way to get more greens into your diet, without costing a fortune, they are so easy to grow. Packed full of nutrition and chloryphyl, these tiny baby leaves are delicious, cute and will fancy up your plate.

All the fancy restaurants use these to garnish their dishes, but they can make a really nutrient dense salad especially broccoli micro-greens, which are one of the best superfoods out there.

So how do you grow micro-greens you might ask?

First you will need a tray with holes for drainage, then you put some seed raising mix or compost to half fill it.

In a jar put 1 tbsp of seed and half fill the jar with preferred fresh filtered water, leave this on the bench overnight for the seeds to soak up enough water for them to double in size.

The next day drain of the water, if your jar has a mesh lid this will be helpful but it can be done with just a kitchen strainer.

Now spread a thick layer of wet seed over the soil in your tray

You can sprinkle some more soil over the seeds, then if you have some netting, this will help to prevent birds eating the seeds.

But best to find some way to cover and protect them at this stage. Micro-greens grow best outside, but if a frost is expected bring them in overnight.

Keep them moist and protected for 10 to 14 days 

You can grow sunflower greens, pea greens, or red cabbage greens, any seeds will grow in this way.

You can get the whole family involved and make it a family project.

It is really easy when you have a go and lots of fun, not to mention the thrill of eating what you grow.

They take between 10-14 days to be ready to eat, so start your second batch 7 days after you start your first.

Happy growing it is so much fun to grow your own food.

Raelle Connolly ND. Hom.

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