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How we unlock the goodness in seeds.

Our organic seeds are little pods of nutrients but without our special process much of that valuable nutrition is never released.

Activation is about releasing the baddies like phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that block us from attaining the vital nutrients, also eliminates the potential for tummy discomfort that some people suffer from.

Activation where we lovingly soak the seeds takes up to 12 hours is where the releasing happens then we rinse and rinse and rinse to cleanse all the baddies away.

Germination is the next process also know as sprouting to occur, this is where the magic happens and is about increasing. Over 24-48 hours the seeds spring to life and become little dynamos of energy increasing the nutrient value of the vitamins, minerals and proteins in the seeds by 100's%  Unlocking the Goodness.

Drying the sprouted seeds at 45 degrees C over 24 hours restores the crunch and deliciousness maintaining the precious nutrients and enzyme activity.

Now this raw food is ready for you to enjoy.

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