Creating a new habit in our lives

by Raelle Connolly

How hard is it to create discipline in our lives, get our act together so to speak, discipline is essential for most aspects of live in general. Having a good understanding of the ability to create a new discipline can be helpful in everyday life. Absolutely.
It can't be that hard surely, but many of us fail to establish this every time we try, everyday millions of people start a new regime only to fail to get an established pattern let alone a complete discipline, habit, regime, routine etc.
Did you know we start to learn disciplines when we are babies, one of the classics is when we learn not to wet our pants as a child.
Discipline is not the monster our minds imagine, we have been doing it from birth unconsciously. At school with our studies and at home with our family, like cleaning our teeth, making the bed everyday, as we go through life we are establishing new disciplines all the time.
So why is it so hard to create a new discipline say with going to the gym  to get fit or our healthy eating or breaking other personal habits, drinking smoking etc.
Habits are just habits, at then end of the day, some can be good and some can be bad depending on your perception or what it is you want to change.
We all struggle sometimes with new habits, you are not alone.
Why do we allow that little demon on our shoulder to self talk doubt and excuses in our ears and let them dominate our thoughts. The next thing we know that routine is out the window. Oppps.  Back to the drawing board.
Well no it doesn't have to be that dramatic you can always just get back on your bike and peddle.
Yeah right! I hear you.
Well it really is this easy because it is ok to fall off the wagon so to speak. Its ok to fail sometimes, we all have, but you can alway start again and plan better next time. Be kind to yourself along the way, this is a journey not the destination and you need to enjoy what you do no matter what the motivation or drive might be.
The Bach flower "Walnut" comes to mind for helping the transition of change.
See it isn't really hard it is  just persistent perseverance. Keep at it they say, just become tenacious and if it means this much keep going, you may not be climbing Mt Everest or training for the Olympics but your goal is just as important to you.
What ever your new discipline might be is not really relevant at this point, what is relevant is that you can make or break an old or bad habit by making a new one. It takes not very long to make a new habit, in as little as three weeks you can with persistent perseverance develop a new discipline. Yeah right!!! I hear you!
Making change is about choices, the choices we make everyday are what shapes our world, we are a product of our perceived assumptions, our experiences and results are always consistent with our assumptions and expectations.
This is all about just that, being persistent in your choices, clearing space in ones mind for this discipline, routine habit regime.
We are what we believe, our beliefs shape who we are! If you don't like your beliefs then it is time to change them.
So here is the thing, it is all about our beliefs and these are shaped by our parents, grandparents, teachers friends, mentors, a work collogues, even our environment and church. If we don't like our beliefs or they aren't serving us at this point then it is time to change our beliefs.
It is easy you just change your beliefs and the world is your oyster. Yeah some will find this easy and others will find this impossible.
But nothing is impossible we just have to perceive it in our minds and anything is then possible. Believe it then we will see it! ( yeah I know the saying is the opposite but I'm here to tell you that this is wrong)
Many a great theory or invention has been created this way, it is only when we can perceive something in our minds that it can become a reality.
Now that is the bottom line.