Creating a Wish Bag

Creating a Wish Bag

Creating a Wish Bag

We are all essentially balls of energy from our corns to our dandruff as my mother used to say, now we can influence other people and things with our energy as well, did you know? Quantum physics tell us so. By harnessing this energy of thoughts and emotions we can do some amazing things, like create and manifest our hearts desire.

The main topic of interest, manifesting or law of attraction whatever you call it, it is all the same, there is just lots of ways of doing it, but it is real and can work for anyone that gives it a go.

I suggest that everyone tries it on a small scale to get the hang of it and have some fun.

 It's worked many times for me.

Creating A Wish Bag aka.. Manifestation Bag or Vision Board.

A wish-bag can be a powerful tool for the creation or manifestation of the things you want in your life, trying out new regimes & making change. The idea is to create a bag which you place things that you wish to change or attract or manifest in your life.

A wish bag can be made for healing, love, also for other things like abundance, prosperity, luck, happiness, overcoming obstacles, and more.

So if you want to attract knowledge, use ingredients for knowledge, if you want to attract love into your life, use ingredients for love, same goes to attract weight loss, better health or money etc.  By making a wish-bag you are manifesting your intention and desire to the universe.

I call it a bag but it could be a box or a board on the wall, the concept of manifesting or wishing has been around for ever, native Indians had a small pouch that they carried many precious items and idols of protection and prosperity around their neck or waist.

#1 Manifesting is very simple you just have to start quite small, dream up what you want. Make a clear concise intention of what it is in its entirety. Be specific and clear in order to manifest your exact desire, avoid vague wishes.

#2 On a piece of paper write your full birth name then the Intention/Desire this should it in the form of an affirmation as in the presence time, not the future but in the NOW.

#3 Now whichever form your Wish Bag is to take, put your intention in or on it.

#4 Now to help you visualise this intention, you need to find some things to add to the bag that symbolise or look alike, such a pictures or as in coins for money or a job, rose petals, and hearts for love. Herbs also help like rosemary for wisdom and knowledge, and Dandelion and Milk Thistle for detox, just ask Mr Google he will help to find what you might need, this all helps to gather in all of the intention. This is important!

#5 On a new sheet of paper write down everything you can think of that is needed to attain your desire, drawing little pictures and using colour pens or bright colours can help. This also goes in the bag.

#6 Now that you have created this bag full of desire it is time to bring your energy to the bag.  This is done by closing your eyes and visualise your intention/Desire and stating this intention three times.

#7 Find a place for this bag where you will always be able to access it, for the next 7 days 3 times a day you need to take up the bag and look at all the objects in it , then state your intention 3 times. At the same time visualising your intention and desire being in the presence, as in right now. 21 times you will visualise and state the intention.

Now keep this all in your mind at all times by visualising your intention as many times a day as you can, while doing this let yourself feel the joyous experience of it, allow what emotions come from that feeling, surround yourself with as much emotion of the experience as you can.

Your desire and intention will be on its way.

Just like when you fall off your bike you must get straight back on. Just remember this if you forget to do it, Doesn’t matter just get back on.

Just keep on going it will arrive.




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