Broccoli Sprouts releases Benzene from brain cells

by Raelle Connolly

Benzene is a carcinogen that is abundant in our daily lives due to the car emissions and cigarette smoking either passive or direct exposure.

We all have this toxic substance in us and it is know to cause Leukemia and other forms of cancer as well as neurological disorders.

This toxic substance is difficult for our bodies to get out and accumulates in the brain and many other vital organs.

Acute exposure can cause death with out immediate medical help and we are directly exposed to this harsh toxic chemical every time we fill our car.

Our houses are also havens for this toxic exposure due to the household solvents, paints, adhesives, building materials and plastic's.

Those with integral garages are higher risk than unattached garages. If you smoke indoors then very high concentrations are present. get the full story here, or here

But did you know that a Broccoli Sprouted Beverage can help your body excrete the benzene by upwards of 60%

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recruited 300 men and women in China—a country known for its terrible air pollution—to drink a concoction of sterilized water, pineapple, lime juice, and dissolved freeze-dried broccoli sprout powder.

The control group's cocktail didn't have the sprout mixture. The researchers then tested all the subjects' urine and blood, finding that the people who drank the broccoli beverage upped their excretion of the carcinogen benzene by 61 percent and of the irritant acrolein by 23 percent. And the results have the medical community abuzz.

Benzene—one of the chemicals studied—is the worst of the worst. Not only does it cause cancer, but it reacts with other more benign chemicals in the air, making them toxic too. The fact that the broccoli sprouts increased benzene excretion so dramatically could potentially benefit millions of people living in polluted areas around the world. 

How does it work? Your lungs play a large part in detoxing by helping your liver excrete toxins when we exhale them in our breath. It works the other way as well: Toxins inhaled into the lungs cross small capillary beds and pass quickly into the blood. That's where the broccoli sprouts come in. Glucoraphanin, which is found naturally in broccoli, interfaces with the benzene in the capillary beds and makes it soluble, thereby helping your body to expel it more quickly, according to the Study.

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