All Disease Starts with the Internal Environment. + FREE 5 Step Guide to Reduce Inflammation & Reverse Disease

All Disease Starts with the Internal Environment. + FREE 5 Step Guide to Reduce Inflammation & Reverse Disease

Dis-Ease in our body starts with our internal environment being out of balance.

This imbalance sets off a chain reaction within, that leads to a dis ease state inside the body, which over time through inflammation in the tissues to produce "Disease"

The cause of inflamation can be from injury or blunt force trauma, but also it can be just the internal environment that sets up inflammation, (swelling of tissue) which can become unresolved and hidden within. This is the one that is the mystery that leads to disease.

The internal environment of our body is directly responsible for Inflammation development this leads to disease development, even though we may have a predisposition, it is the pH balance of the blood and other bodily fluids that determine this development.

Our DNA holds the blueprint of us, the individual plus the miasm (predispositions), traits and mannerisms from two sets of parentage going back many generations.

Some of us have heart disease that runs right through the family, arthritis, cancers, diabetes, respiratory issues to name a few.

These predispositions are just that, it is not a forgone conclusion that you will develop these health issues your parents had, just that it is a weakness in your DNA, and should the right environment present for that condition you stand a good chance of getting that condition. That is rather annoying, but it is what it is, so your best prevention strategy would be to stop that occurring.

Generally, most people have no idea they are harbouring serious illness just under the surface until the symptoms arrive and present themselves.

Once you have symptoms then you are in a dis-ease state, but chronic dis-ease like arthritis and heart disease take time to develop, it is only when symptoms appear that realisation of disease happens.

Although all the way along this slow insidious path there has been warning signs, but they are either ignored or brushed aside as trivial.

But when pain, stiffness, and immobility in the case of Arthritis, or breathless, dizziness and pain of a Heart Attack, it’s a big bang wake up call.

As said before the best strategy is prevention, keeping the internal environment balanced is the Key.

So how is this done you might Ask?

Balance in this case is one of those 80/20 Rules that pop up all the time.

This one is 80% of your food consumed daily, should be alkaline forming  and only 20% of your food  consumed daily, acidic forming.

This sound easy 1/5 of your food every day can be acidic, the rest is alkaline.

But heres the bad news !!!!! Meat, Fish, Poultry, Wheat, Rice, and Dairy are all acidic forming, so fall into the 20% perday.

Fresh & frozen Fruits  and Vegetables are alkaline forming and make up the 80% perday.

Now I can hear all the vegetarians clapping their hands, but the carnivores are saying no way.

So here is how it is, eating a standard western diet over a long period of time you will develop "Disease" it is just too acidic to sustain health and wellbeing.

Disease can only survive in an acidic internal environment, which means the opposite is also true that disease can not survive in an alkaline internal environment.

If you switch from a Acidic internal environment to a Alkaline internal environment and you have disease then the disease must go, because it cannot survive.

In this way you can reverse any disease, be it heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabeties, depression as I said any disease unless you were born with it, it is reversable, even cancer at early stages.

If you are interested in finding out more about "The Internal Environment" how to change it and heal yourself from this type of unwellness.

Download this FREE 5 Step Guide to Reduce Inflammation & Reverse Disease

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Raelle Connolly  ND Hom.



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