3 Ways to keep you immune strong.

by Raelle Connolly


 It sucks being back in lockdown, but COVID has reared it's ugly head again in our small with a big attitude country.

 Maintaining your immune systems is a major priority defense strategy that we should all be looking at.

 If we are going to beat this threat to our future as we once knew it, working on maintaining your healthy immune system is vital.

 We cannot rely on the Government or the big Pharmaceutical Companies to do all the work, we need to take control of what we can to protect ourselves with any options that present themselves.

 The immune system is designed to kick into action whenever an invader finds its way in, but if your lifestyle and habits are not optimum then your defence will be weak, it will take control and reck havoc. Some of us are immune compromised with pre-existing illness which leaves us vulnerable as well, so what can we do to strengthen our resistance.

 Now days we understand that the microbiome in our gut (Gut Flora) is vital to the immune system so we need to make sure that our microbiome is in the best state it can be.

The microbiome is made up of good and bad bacteria, the food we feed that bacterium determines the volumes of good and bad. The bad guys like sugar, alcohol, junk food and bad fats, give them plenty of this and you will have billions of the little fellas having a party and inviting friends over and multiplying in the trillion.

The good guys like fresh leafy veggies they also like root veggies like parsnip, carrots, rutabaga, kumara and fermented foods as well as sprouts, just to name a few.

Balancing this is vital to a healthy gut, many everyday diseases are born of an imbalance of the gut flora.

 I have three ways you can help to protect yourself and family.

            Yes, we all know to wash our hands

            Yes, we all know to stay home

            Yes, we all know to wear a mask

I’m not talking about the stuff that is being drummed into us every time we turn on the telly.

These three common sense ways are simple easy things you can do to boost your immune system and keep your immune-self strong. 

      Food - Rest - Exercise 



Let’s start with the food we eat. It’s important that it is nutrient dense which most of the western diet isn’t. Nutrients in foods are very delicate and can be destroyed very easily in the cooking process so it is important that you get as much fresh uncooked food you can.

Some foods have shown to have a decreased value of up to 84% after cooking.

This sounds rather crazy, but it is true, the higher the temperature the more destruction of nutrients, so light steaming is by far the preferred method of cooking.

Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C, eating out of a packet or can should be the last resort. 

Eating fermented foods daily is optimum as they feed the microbiome with good bacterium to colonise the gut and strengthen the immune system. Sauerkraut or Kim Chi are great options you can easily make this yourself, https://rawlisticlife.myshopify.com/blogs/news/natures-probiotics but not everyone likes them. Miso is also a fermented food and can be a delicious warming drink.

Kombucha is another option, and you can make this yourself very easily at home, in fact is a good way to entertain the kids during lockdown. https://rawlisticlife.myshopify.com/

Eating the best, you can under your personal circumstances is helping to keep you safe and strong against Covid.



Getting good quality rest is vital to have a good defence and strong immune system, stress and anxiety plays a significant role in our immunity. We need the 8 hours of restful rejuvenating sleep each day to maintain a healthy mind and body. We should retire to bed when we feel tired not when the program finishes on telly as often you can get over tired and then get stimulated which will stop you from sleeping soundly.

I personally recommend (what experts are now saying) that our bedroom the room of rest should be free of electrical devises for us to get a sound peaceful rest. Reading for a short time before rest is also helpful for some, other use meditation to wind down the mind ready for sleep.

Getting 8-9 hours per night of restful rejuvenating sleep helps to keep you immune strong.



Regular exercise is also vital to a good defence and strong immunity to disease be it Covid or any other disease. You may be used to getting lots of exercise or you may prefer to sit on the couch watching telly. The experts are now saying that the couch sitting and enjoying a sedentary lifestyle is the new smoking.

Now that is very scary, so it is very important to get off the couch and go for a walk. The PM is encouraging exercise so get out and get yours.

Keeping safe while exercising isn’t difficult just cross the street if someone is on your patch, if you live alone, it also gets you out in the fresh air breathing and moving.

Exercise is so important to build a healthy immune system.

So, these 3 easy common-sense things you can do daily to increase your strength against COVID.

Stay Strong and Safe