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Fully Certified Organic

We are proud all our Raw foods and make it your self products are fully certified organic with Organic Farms New Zealand

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Our Herbal and Sprouted Teas are purpose teas, TEA for Life is... 

Raw Foods & Snacks

Raw Foods & Snacks

Raw sprouted instant foods that are shelf stable. 

DIY Products & Books

DIY Products & Books

This is a range of products that you use to make foods,... 

Jar of goodness

Zing up any dish with this amazing flavour bomb, Nut Free-Gluten Free Jar of Goodness.

Yes please

Raw Cracker Bread

Looking for gluten free nutrient dense cracker options, then look no further, these  Raw Cracker Breads are a flat cracker style bread high in fibre and protein made from vegetables and flaxmeal. Only what you need and nothing of what you don't.

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    Struggling with the HIGH PRICES of veggies? to feed your family. The time may well be here, when we all have to make an effort to feed ourselves from our own gardens.

    But what if you don't have any garden, well there are many ways to grow food?

    One of them is microgreens. You don't need much space, a patio or any outdoor area that can hold a couple of punnets.

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  • Our Favourite Product

    Hippocrates said "Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food" these teas are medicine.

  • Our vision

    Rawlisticlife is proud of our passion to bring knowledge and skills of the back to basic's, fundermental aspect's of health and wellness practices to people whom wish to improve their lives with the foods they eat and the lifestyles they live.

    We help facilitate their journey of transition toward living to their highest potential, a pain free, healthy, wellbeing lifestyle. Seeing this gives us igreat satisfaction and inspires us to reach out to more and more people.

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